How to Create Bootstrap Carousel Slider

How to Create Bootstrap Carousel Slider

How to Create Bootstrap Carousel Slider

Bootstrap is the one the famous html, css and jquery base framework. Using this framework we can easily create our responsive website. Slideshow or Slider is the main part of the website, every sites homepage have slider. There is lot of jquery slider plugins are available using those plugins we can create the slideshow for our website, but if we are using the bootstrap then there is no need to use those extra plugins. Which will increase loading time of our sites.
In this tutorial I will show you how to can create bootstrap carousel slider. You can use this code simply in your website and also extend the bootstrap carousel functionality.

Include bootstrap and jquery library

Carousel Slider with Bootstrap

Bootstrap Carousel Slider with Captions

Bootstrap Carousel Slider with Custom Controls

The following example calls carousel manually and provides the custom controls to cycles previous and next item.

JavaScript Code:

Carousel Options

The following options are available to configure Bootstrap Carousel as per your needs.

interval (number) – Specifies the amount of time to delay between automatically cycling. Set false to stop automatically cycling. Default delay time is 5000 milliseconds.
pause (string | null) – Pauses the cycling on mouseenter and resumes the cycling on mouseleave. Set false to stop pause cycling on hover. The default value is hover.
wrap (boolean) – Specifies whether the carousel should cycle continuously or stop at last slide. The default value is true.
keyboard (boolean) – Specifies whether the carousel should react to keyboard events. The default value is true.

How to Use Carousel Options

The following example shows how you can specify the carousel options.

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