How to install Laravel 5 using composer

How to install Laravel 5 using composer. Laravel is a PHP Programming Framework which is most popular and trending framework at this time. If you are a web developer you probably know about “Laravel”. So Now today, I going to share with you installation and configuration of laravel 5.x. Laravel have MVC structure, good template engine and number of Libraries and configuration.
Before installing Laravel, ensure that you have the following programs already installed Web server, PHP, MySQL, Composer, and Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Composer is a dependency manager for PHP. You can read more about composer from their official website. You can download composer from this link. We will not cover how to install composer in this tutorial.

Installing Laravel using composer

This section assumes you have already installed composer. In this section, we will;
  1. go to htdocs in XAMPP or where path to the web server where you want to create
  2. create a new Laravel project using composer
  3. test new Laravel project creation in web browser
Step 1: browse to web server root
  1. Assuming you installed XAMPP to C:/xampp/, open C:/xampp/htdocs using windows explorer
  2. Right click anywhere in C:/xampp/htdocs and select use composer here option
Step 2: Create new Laravel project using composer
  1. run the following command
composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel-blog

Step 3: Test installation
Browser to the following URL in your web browser. 

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