JQuery UI Date Range Selection with one input field

Add following code in your html section.

[code language=”html”]
<input id="date" />

add following jquery code in your file

[code language=”js”]
    numberOfMonths: 2,
    onSelect: function( selectedDate ) {
            $(this).data().datepicker.inline = true
            $(this).data().datepicker.first = selectedDate;
            if(selectedDate > $(this).data().datepicker.first){
                $(this).val($(this).data().datepicker.first+" – "+selectedDate);
                $(this).val(selectedDate+" – "+$(this).data().datepicker.first);
            $(this).data().datepicker.inline = false;
        delete $(this).data().datepicker.first;
        $(this).data().datepicker.inline = false;


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