Open galley in Lightbox or PrettyPhoto for NextGEN Gallery

First add the following nggGetGallery() function to functions.php file:

[code language=”css”]

function nggGetGallery( $galleryID, $template = ”, $images = false ) {

global $nggRewrite;

$ngg_options = nggGallery::get_option(‘ngg_options’);

//Set sort order value, if not used (upgrade issue)
$ngg_options[‘galSort’] = ($ngg_options[‘galSort’]) ? $ngg_options[‘galSort’] : ‘pid’;
$ngg_options[‘galSortDir’] = ($ngg_options[‘galSortDir’] == ‘DESC’) ? ‘DESC’ : ‘ASC’;

// get gallery values
//TODO: Use pagination limits here to reduce memory needs
$picturelist = nggdb::get_gallery($galleryID, $ngg_options[‘galSort’], $ngg_options[‘galSortDir’]);
return $picturelist;


Next created a new template inside plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/ngglegacy/view named album-lightbox.php:

[code language=”css”]

Template Page for the album overview
Created By: Sandeep Paul
Created on:13.8.14

Follow variables are useable :

$album : Contain information about the album
$galleries : Contain all galleries inside this album
$pagination : Contain the pagination content

You can check the content when you insert the tag <?php var_dump($variable) ?>
If you would like to show the timestamp of the image ,you can use <?php echo $exif[‘created_timestamp’] ?>
<?php if (!defined (‘ABSPATH’)) die (‘No direct access allowed’); ?><?php if (!empty ($galleries)) : ?>

<div class="ngg-albumoverview">

<!– List of galleries –>
<?php foreach ($galleries as $gallery) : ?>

<div class="ngg-album-compact">
<div class="ngg-album-compactbox">
<div class="ngg-album-link" id="<?php echo $gallery->name ?>">
<?php $images = nggGetGallery( $gallery->gid );
$imgcntr = 0;
<?php foreach ( $images as $image ) : ?>
<?php if ( $imgcntr == 0 ): ?>
<a href="<?php echo $image->imageURL ?>" title="<?php echo str_replace(""", "’", $image->description); ?>" <?php echo $image->thumbcode ?> >
<img class="Thumb" alt="<?php echo $gallery->title ?>" src="<?php echo $gallery->previewurl ?>"/>
<?php $imgcntr++; ?>
<?php else: ?>
<a href="<?php echo $image->imageURL ?>" title="<?php echo str_replace(""", "’", $image->description); ?>" <?php echo $image->thumbcode ?> ></a>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>
<h4><a class="ngg-album-desc" title="<?php echo $gallery->title ?>" href="<?php echo $gallery->pagelink ?>" ><?php echo $gallery->title ?></a></h4>
<?php if ($gallery->counter > 0) : ?>
<p><strong><?php echo $gallery->counter ?></strong> <?php _e(‘Photos’, ‘nggallery’) ?></p>
<?php endif; ?>

<?php endforeach; ?>

<!– Pagination –>
<?php echo $pagination ?>


<?php endif; ?>


This was based off of the album-compact.php template. The format for adding galleries is now:

[album id=7 template=lightbox]

Then install preetyphoto media plugin


Then I go Gallery -> Options -> Effects, changed the dropdown to Custom, and added this code:


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