Removing WooThemes Updater Plugin Notice and IgniteWoo Updater Notice

Add the following lines in function.php
[code language=”css”][/code]
// Remove WooCommerce Updater
remove_action(‘admin_notices’, ‘woothemes_updater_notice’);
// Remove IgniteWoo Updater
remove_action(‘admin_notices’, ‘ignitewoo_updater_notice’);

We noticed after the installation of the new version of Woocommerce, WooThemes and IgniteWoo Plugins there will be a notice that is shown in the WordPress admin to install their “updaters.” These updaters help install the latest version of the plugins. In some cases you just want to get rid of the notice. Possibly because the client should not see the updates or you want to manually install updates yourself. Whatever the case is you can use the code above to eradicate them.

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