Whats New in WordPress 4.5

Whats New in WordPress 4.5

Whats New in WordPress 4.5

Version 4.5 of wordpress has been released, named ‘Coleman’, in the honor of musician Coleman Hawkins. It is designed with editing Improvement as we know the most of wordpress use spend a lot of time to write content, this wordpress version help us to make content creation process easy.

In this article I will provide you complete overview regarding what’s new in this version 4.5.

What’s New in WordPress Version 4.5

Visual Editor Improvements

WordPress 4.5 come with new improvements to the visual editor. This version makes our content writing process easier, better and faster.

Inline Linking

In WordPress 4.5, CTRL+K will show an inline insert link menu.  It shows the input box in input box simply types your URL. With this In-line linking you can link to other pages, or to your own pages.  It will help us to focus on our writing.

Inline Linking

Formatting Shortcuts

In WordPress 4.3 first time introduced these shortcuts.  Shortcuts make our content writing process faster and allow to ad quick formatting markup. Following are few new formatting shortcuts.

` a backtick before and after the content to display code (simple colane icon).

— for a horizontal rule (three or more dash).

Formatting Shortcuts

Customization Improvements

Live Responsive Previews

In WordPress 4.5 we have option to check how our website looks in mobile, tablet and desktop. This option is available in directly within customize.

Whats New in WordPress 4.5

Custom Logos

Now WordPress inbuilt theme support custom logo for your business or brand. This features is available within Twenty Sixteen and Twenty Fifteen themes customizer section.


Under the Hood

Smart Image Resizing

WordPress 4.5 improved the performance of the image during generating image sizes. In previous version it use the 90 image quality for compressing now it use 82, which will generate new images with smaller sizes and it improve the performance.

Selective Refresh in Customizer

Previously,  wordpress version customizer required entire page load when we do some changes. Now wordpress  4.5 come with a new customizer framework which allow selective refresh in the customizer. It is fast to generate live preview. (#27355).

Customizable Embed Templates

WordPress 4.5 make our embed content to customizable. Using this feature now theme author can adjust embed display to match their theme. (#34561)

WP_Site Class

WP_Site Class comes in wordpress 4.5 for Multisite WordPress installs. (#32450)

Updated Libraries

WordPress 4.5 comes with new versions of bundled libraries for Underscores, Backbone, jQuery, and jQuery Migrate.

Script Loader

WordPress 4.5 added wp_add_inline_script() which makes it easier to add inline scripts in your website. (#14853, #35873)

I hope the above article will gives you complete overview regarding wordpress 4.5. I also excited about using wordpress 4.5.

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